Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween and Other Stuff

Buzz & Woody

Buzz, Woody, & the Vampiress

The festivities at our house.  We have the best neighborhood for trick-or-treating.  We had about 250 to 300 kids, the most awesome haunted house across the street, a neighbor that has a full-out buffet, and decorated trailers heading up and down the street FULL of families & friends.  I'm tellin' ya, if your neighborhood isn't this much fun, head our way next year.  Our parents came in for the weekend and they said it was the most fun Halloween they have ever had!

Part of Jenna's teacher's size tissue holders and personalized hand sanitizers.  Please keep Jenna's teacher in your prayers..she lost her father last week at the age of 57 to stage 4 prostate cancer.  She is such a wonderful woman and a fabulous teacher.  We love her dearly. 

Put your orders in early...I'll be sewing some Christmas tisse holders and pairing them up with some holiday decorated sanitizers.  I'll post them as soon as I get one done.

A proud member of the Daisy Scout Troop 1785...her handmade tie-dyed troop shirt.  She thinks she is sooo cool.  She came home last night hooting and hollering about working towards a Turkey Badge.  I can't help but giggle at her cuteness!

A last minute attempt at Daisy Scout snacks.  Mini waters, goldfish crackers, & individually wrapped brownies with...

personalized troop stickers.  The other mothers thought I was all fancy.  I had to admit that I only made them 'cause I had to cut the brownies so small...some little guy put his fingers in the cooked brownies.  I had to do something to make them look a little less pathetic!

We had the most fantastic weekend with our parents.  Today, we're celebrating our littlest guy's 2nd birthday.  How did my baby get to 2 already?!  He shares his birthday with our good friend's son, Colin.  We're going to CEC tonight to celebrate Colin's birthday and then on Saturday, Joel will host his County Fair birthday party.  I'll keep you posted on how that goes.  Thanks for stopping by...hope your Halloween was as spooktacular as ours!!!!

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